LiveRoof Invisible Modular Green Roof System

LiveRoof® Benefits & Advantages

Vegetation Environment

Natural Beauty! Patent Pending moisture portals and soil elevators create monolithic continuum of soil for sharing of moisture and nutrients between modules.

Effective drain holes for good drainage; no standing water means no root rot.


Natural Beauty! Instantly mature green roof, delivered prevegetated and installed in mature state.

Removable patent-pending LiveRoof Soil Elevator allows modules to be invisible.

LiveRoof modules contain 100% recycled plastic.

Installation and Use

Plants grown to maturity at the nursery and installed in mature state; quick and easy – can save 3-4 plus years of intensive and costly rooftop maintenance and cultivation.

Ergonomic design, fast and easy to handle and set in place.

Easy to install; no special knowledge, skills or lengthy learning curve. Step-by-step guide and DVD for growing, delivery, transport to roof, installation and maintenance.

Integrated components, delivered together and installed in one simple step.

Logistical simplicity – easy to transport from production to installation. Coengineered HOPPIT racking and delivery system for safe, efficient delivery from nursery to rooftop.

Easily removed to access roof; simply lift modules, conduct service or modifications, then replace modules.

Easy to use coengineered RoofEdge edging and RoofStone pavers.


Plastic hidden from sun won’t become brittle.

Overall Value

Pre-grown vegetation acts as living mulch for extremely low maintenance. Maintenance cost is little (0.05-0.20 $/sf/yr) and predictable.
Vegetated surface is sealed by continuum of soil to maximize energy saving benefits.

Developed by team of horticulturists, green roof experts, roofers, landscapers, engineers, architects, and physical therapists.

Convenient cost-effective delivery.

Competitive pricing, great value.

Recycled components contribute to LEED credits.

LiveRoof Modules

Module Size

1′ x 2′ x 3″

1′ x 2′ x 1 7/8″

1′ x 2′ x 3″

1′ x 1′ x 3-1/4″


Approx. 4″ deep

Approx. 2″ deep

Approx. 6″ deep

Appx. 8″ deep


Approx. 27-29 Lbs/sf saturated and vegetated

Approx. 15-17 lbs/sf saturated and vegetated

Approx. 40-50 lbs/sf saturated and vegetated

Appx. 60-65 lbs/sf saturated and vegetated


Maximizes storm water management, integrates perfectly with new contruction and often times existing buildings.

Ideal for retrofit projects where load limitations exist.

When irrigated, expands plant palette to array of drought resistant conventional and native perennial and grasses.

Meets municipal codes in locales with 8 inch soil depth requirement. Perimeter ballast supports drought resistant perennials, grasses, and vegetables, and can be used to optimize biodiversity


Succulent ground covers, water conserving accent plants, and hardy spring blooming bulbs.

Succulent ground covers, water conserving accent plants, and hardy spring blooming bulbs.

Succulent ground covers, water conserving accent plants, and highly drought tolerant perennials and grasses.

Succulent ground covers, drought tolerant native and adapted non-native perennials, grasses, and vegetables

Process Overview

Step 1

Soil Elevator is inserted into LiveRoof Module

Step 2

LiveRoof Module is filled to the top with soil

Step 3

Plants are grown to maturity

Step 4

LiveRoof Modules are installed on the roof

Step 5

Soil Elevators are removed for a beautiful, seamless and mature green roof

Step 6

Newly installed LiveRoof is watered in thoroughly